5 cost effective tools to automate your business processes

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We all know that time is money, and if we’re honest, it’s rare to find someone with an abundance of both.

It often feels like a trade off between the two.

In business, it seems like any sort of tool that will help you streamline your business will cost you an arm and a leg (and the rest of your limbs for that matter).

Believe it or not, this doesn’t have to be the case.

There are actually some tools that will save you lots of time, and don’t cost as much as you might think. The problem is finding them.

Here are our top 5 business automation tools to take you to from 0 to 100:

1. Payhere - Automation tool for payments.

Price: $0/month (2% transaction fee)

Well, no surprise here that we made our own list! (We’re very humble in real life, I promise.)

Getting paid online via Paypal can often be temperamental, and to quote our customers: “Getting paid online without Payhere felt archaic.”

Payhere removes the barriers to getting paid online and acts as your perfect companion to Stripe.

Get paid anywhere using payment links and set up your online store using the Storefront product.

2. Loomly - Social media scheduling tool

Price: $25/Month

Loomly is an affordable Hootsuite alternative, especially when you need more than one team member collaborating on your social media content.

As Loomly put it themselves, they give you ‘More bang for your buck’. When you see their competitive prices and extensive feature list, you can see where they’re coming from!

3. Phantom buster - Marketing automation tool

Price- Starting at $0/month

Phantombuster is a marketers perfect toolbox to extract the data they need, automate actions and get the job done better and faster.

And I mean, asides from this being a genuinely brilliant product, it’s also pretty cool to think that you have lots of little ghosts working for you.

10/10 marketing.

4. Zapier - Workflows automation tool

Pricing: Starting at $0/month

This platform allows you to connect all of your work-based apps and automatically create workflows.

When I say ‘all’, I mean 2000+ work-based apps. I didn’t even know 2000+ work based apps existed. Not the point.

If you use multiple apps, Zapier will connect them and seamlessly create amazingly useful workflows.

5. Hunter.io - Email finding tool

Pricing: Starting at $0/month

Founded in 2015, Hunter's mission is to give professionals the power to create new connections with the people that matter.

That is exactly what they do with their awesome product portfolio, which includes domain search, Email finder and email verifier.

*Motivational send off*

So with these kick-ass tools, what’s stopping you from building a world-beating business?

If you’re unsure if any of these tools are for you, reach out to them on Twitter and they will be more than happy to chat.

Good luck and remember us when you’re rich and famous.

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