How service businesses are taking back control.


From piano teachers to business consultants, whatever industry you’re in, there is one problem that all service businesses face.

That problem is:

-Customers value their time more than yours.

This selfishness is no new problem to humanity, but it certainly rears its’ ugly head more often when it comes to service businesses.


Customers will book an appointment on a one-off or recurring basis, and in short notice, they’ll cancel.

Now, I understand you’re probably thinking this doesn’t sound like the most heinous crime, but stay with me:

Imagine this: You’re a personal trainer. You have scheduled 3 PT appointments today. You get up early, put on your gym gear, drive 30 minutes to the gym, and on arrival, you notice a text from one of the clients.

It reads: ‘sorry I can’t make it today, something’s come up!’

Sure, life happens, and sometimes people have to cancel, but should that really affect your business?

You know that you probably can’t get that hour filled with work because of how your day is scheduled.

There are some things you can do to save yourself from this. For example, you could have a 24hr cancellation policy, fire an Instagram post up to fill the space, or find some admin work to keep you busy.

At Payhere, we have a different solution- we want to change how the world views your time.

How do we do this?

By making one simple change - You get paid up front.

The customer pays for your service and then books their time.

This means you are the boss of your time, where you get paid and when you get paid.

How does this work?

By simply connecting your Calendly account with your Payhere payment link.

When creating your payment link, add your Calendly link to the success URL which will automatically redirect your customer after a successful payment.

Oooh, how exciting, we’re into the advanced settings! Ps, What do you think of this pay button? Too much? No, I didn’t think so either.

From here, they will select an available time slot that suits them best.

After this, an email receipt will be sent to the customer. In it will include confirmation of their appointment, and any information would like to add through the Payhere custom fields.

Who knew it was that easy?

Why not try it out for your business today?

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