If you are a creator, how do you get paid?

How to

The world of advertsing and promotion has dramatically changed over the last few years with the rise of influencers, podcasters and bloggers. People are in essense turning themselves into a brand/ business. Once they have captured an audience you can see many either selling to their audience themselves or promoting another business and their products. Is this the future of all advertising, is paid advertsing such as facebook ads, tv ads etc. decling to the point that they will become obsolete?

At payhere we are now seeing several creators using our product to get support (donations etc.) from their audience or even charge them for one-off/ ongoing content. As an example I put this fictitious podcast page together, it is a passion of mine that may come a reality soon, you never know!

With payhere I was able to create a page with payments for my supporters.

I can then use the link to drop into my social media accounts or put in emails/ blogs. All of this is done without any code and little technical help needed.

Our setup process is simple;

1. Signup.

2. Link your Stripe acccount or create one. (this is who payhere uses as the card processor, they are one of the biggest payment infrastructure companies in the world).

3. Create your payment plans and configure your storefront.

4. Share your link and get paid for what you do!

If you would like to have a chat with us to see if we could help you do not hesitate to send us an email- hello@payhere.co

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