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Case Study

Converting your early adopters to paying customers

We recently caught up Michael Blakley, Co-Founder, of London based HR Tech startup Equitas. Michael details the reasons in why he chose to use payhere and how it has helped his business. It is particularly interesting the point that is raised on converting early adopters to your first paying customers.

Scott Wylie

Apr 12th

Case Study

Enable your customers to pay in instalments.

We speak with Marg Tolliday of OETWorkshop, based in Melbourne Australia, to find out more about the business and how payhere has helped. We were able to help setup a recurring payment amount for one of the services offered (you can set the number of payments to take place within payhere), allowing the customer to spread the amount over 5 payments instead of one large payment.

Scott Wylie

Apr 7th

Case Study

How payhere helped Prospect Labs automate their billing

This week we are chatted with Prospect Labs founder and CEO Patrick Collins. Just a few simple questions around why he picked payhere and how it helps his business.

Scott Wylie

Apr 1st

How to

Integrating payments within the WebStarts website builder

Creating a website on WebStarts and need to intergrate payments?

There are two ways that this can be easily done.

Scott Wylie

Mar 31st

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