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Case Study

Prospect Labs approached us at the weekend to ask how we could help them setup payments for an online course that they were launching. The landing page had been created and they needed a way to take payments easily. They needed two types of payments, monthly recurring and a one-off payment with a little discount for customers who pay up front.

How it works

1. Create a monthly payment plan

Create a 3 month subscription that charges €100 each month. Setting the 'Cancel subscription after' field ensures your customer is only charged 3 payments.

2. Create a one-off plan

Setup your one-off payment of €250, this is for customers who pay the lump sum in advance and receive a little discount.

3. Setup payment link

Once the plans are created you can then link the signup button on the landing page to the URL of the payhere payment page.

As simple as that, Prospect Labs were setup and ready to go. They recieved their first payment shortly after this. I highly recommend checking out the online lead generation course that they are running. We have attended workshops put on by Prospect Labs in the past and have been extremely impressed with the content and takeaways.

You can find the landing page from Prospect Labs here.

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