Who is Payhere for?

Case Study

‘Who is our perfect customer?’

Perhaps a question that every business continually asks themselves.

We love that Payhere is so useful to such a diverse group of oganisations. From schools to accountants, it's so easy to use that anyone who wants to, can take payments online! However, this does mean our users have to do a little more research to work out if it is for ‘people like them’ or not.

But in this post, we're going to tell you who Payhere is perfect for, and it might actually surprise you.

If you’re here trying to work out if Payhere is for you, I'm sure this blog post will help you decide.

Who is it for?

In a general sense, Payhere is for business owners, and more specifically, it works really well for service business owners. For example, yoga instructors, tutors, consultants. If you provide a service and want to get paid efficiently, Payhere is the tool for you.

Who is Payhere really for?

So I know I said that it’s great for a certain type of business, but if I’m being honest, the type of business or organisation doesn’t matter.

Payhere is perfect for a certain type of person:

  • It’s for forward-thinking, innovative entrepreneurs who know that their time is their most valuable asset.
  • It’s for people who care most about growing their organisation, and recognise that their only limit is their imagination.
  • It’s for the ‘take no-excuses, proactive, get things done’ sort of person.

That is who Payhere is perfect for.

So, it doesn’t matter if that person is a principal, an accountant, a charity worker, a tech entrepreneur, or a sports coach.

If you fit this description, then what’s stopping you from signing up today?

If you’re still not sure, drop me an email at joel@payhere.co and let me know what you do, and I’ll send you an interactive demo of what Payhere can do for you.

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