Pay as you grow

Our pricing scales up with your revenue so you’re not tied into an expensive monthly plan


Easy to set up and start accepting payments as you grow

  • No monthly fee

  • Unlimited payments

  • No credit card required


Custom plans available for high-volume organisations

  • Affordable pricing based on volume

  • Priorirty support & SLAs

  • Custom integrations

We offer pricing at 1.5% per transaction for registered charities and non-profits, contact us to have this applied to your account.

* All plans exclusive of payment gateway fee's for Payhere (shown below), Stripe or GoCardless.

Gateway fees

Using Payhere to process card payments

United States

Pricing applies to accounts using Payhere’s built in gateway for Credit/Debit card processing. Using other gateways such as GoCardless don't incur these charges but will have their own processing fees.


  • Receive funds 3 business days from date of payment

  • Payouts directly sent to your bank account

  • Additional fee of $0.25 applies to each payout.

Per transaction fee

2.9%+ 30¢