Baby versus Product Hunt

Not my baby.

5:15am- Monday 18th February, 2019.

I am wide awake, everything that runs through my head has put an end to any resemblance of a normal sleeping pattern for quite some time. This upcoming week is particularly interesting, my wife is one week overdue with our first child and my business partners and I are launching our first product, Payhere, on Product Hunt this week. Why spin one plate when you can try to spin several at once!

Now to rewind slightly, PayHere has been on the Ignite Propel 6 month program in the Ormeau Baths, Belfast for several weeks. Of course I would be lying if I said that I was not slightly apprehensive before it started but my gosh what a fantastic experience it has been to date! It is a group of 20 start up businesses that are given 12 months desk space, a small amount of government funding and a fantastic team of experienced entrepreneurs who meet regularly with the teams to give advice, guidance and share experiences of their own.

What I was not expecting was the sheer camaraderie of the Cohort. The teams are working on their own business but it’s as if we are all working together to the benefit of everyone. Teams share their experiences and also skill-share on a daily basis.

Now back to PayHere, within in the last few weeks so much has changed with our understanding of potential customers and channels. We initially started targeting personal trainers, we thought that PayHere would be perfect for them, automating their monthly payments and allowing them to focus on their clients, without the hassle of chasing payments. We ran facebook ads and campaigns on Instagram to drive potential customers to our site. Did it work I hear you say? That would be a no, perhaps it was the message of what PayHere is that failed to convert them or maybe the difference between wanting and needing something. Something that Peter and myself have since discussed at great lengths, yes, it would be nice for them to have but do they need it in order to make their business run? Perhaps not.

That brings us to our current position, as said earlier we are launching on Product Hunt this week. We are aiming PayHere at startups and indie hackers. PayHere lets you create a recurring or one-off plan which you can either send in an email link or using just two lines of code, embed a pay button and popup payment form that will facilitate charging customers.

We hope that this is going to prove more fruitful, already having chats with my fellow Propel cohorts, several have expressed an interest in using PayHere to set up payments. After all who wouldn’t want to save on costly development and spend time building their own features.

Time is ticking, will we launch on Product Hunt or have a new team member first? Either way it is certainly going to be an interesting week!


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