Get paid on Zoom with payhere payment links!

How to

Need a simple way to get paid on Zoom? Easy with payhere! Once you have created your payment link simply drop the URL link into the chat when you are on the call. Below is a step by step guide on how to do so!

1. Create your payment link using payhere, choosing any of the following.

Fixed amount

- Recurring (weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly)

- One-off

Donation amount (customer will enter amount)

- Recurring (weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly)

- One-off

2. Copy the link that we have created for you.

3. Drop the link into the Zoom chat.

4. Link is opened, details entered and the payment is made!

If you have any questions do not hestate to drop us an email to, we are always happy to help our users get setup and start recieving payments!

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