How influencers are making money on instagram


Congratulations. You have a group of people who care about what you’re posting.

You might have 30 followers or 30,000 followers. It doesn’t matter.

The connection and trust you have gained from your followers is something big companies will pay a lot of money for!

‘Why?’ I hear you ask? Well, because you’ve done the hard work of selling.
But how do you turn these followers into paying customers?

We’ll show you how one of our amazing Payhere users, Aideen Murphy, is able to make money from Instagram doing something she loves. (If you’re interested in makeup, you should definitely give @aideenKate a follow)

1. Be authentic

Your followers follow you. So just be you! Not you, trying to be more like someone else you follow.

Post content that relates to what you care about and what you’re good at.

2. Post consistently

Consistency is key. Consistent tone, content and aesthetics will help your followers build trust in your brand.

But more notably, the social media algorithm will favour you if you post more consistently, and therefore you will get more engagement with your posts.

3. Make the conversion simple - Use Payhere

Stringing your followers along a lengthy sales funnel is off-putting and unnecessary. You’ve already done the hard work through your content. Place one simple Payhere storefront link in your bio and watch the sales fly in.

You don’t have a Payhere Storefront??

Well, this is totally awkward.

Don’t worry, you can get set up with Payhere in literally 10 minutes. You will be flaunting your brand new, beautiful, one-page website on every platform in no time.

And don’t worry, There's no monthly fee. Payhere just takes a 2% transaction fee when you. Make a sale!

Click here to take your first step towards making money on Instagram.

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