We now support Direct Debit, SEPA and ACH


We are very excited to launch one of our biggest features yet... You can now connect your GoCardless account and start accepting Direct Debit, SEPA and ACH payments right alongside credit/debit cards.

See an example of our payment form to both payment methods in action.

This is great for more traditional consumers and business to business payments. Especially when dealing with businesses, a purchaser may not have access to a company credit card or headroom available for your product or service, allowing them to pay using their bank details can get around this and break the barrier to a successful sale.

GoCardless is one of the leaders in the space and offers very competitive rates for transactions, particularly for large amounts as their per transaction fee is capped.

For Payhere, this is our second payment gateway (we use Stripe for processing credit/debit cards) and this is the start of us opening up to more gateways and offering our customers the most flexible and affordable way to collect payments globally.

If you’re interested please signup for a free account, or chat to us–use the blue icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.

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