April product updates


We have had a very busy April at payhere HQ, launching and trialling many new features, some of which we'll detail below.

Affiliate program

Our biggest launch this month has been our new affiliate program enabling our fabulous users and followers to earn 25% of everything we earn when referring new payhere customers. This rewards our loyal fans over the entire lifetime of referrals and there is no cap on earnings, refer to us and we'll send you cold hard cash every month!

Slack integration

Connect your slack account up to payhere and you'll get timely notifications on status updates of any of your payments. We've internally had a slack integration for a while, we found it so useful we thought our merchants should have one as well.

Improvements to recurring payments

You can now add a free trial to the start of any recurring payment plans and for our beta customers, you can also set the day of the month to sync up all of your recurring payments and have customers charged on the same day. Let us know if you have an account and would like access to this feature.

Some other smaller things, we've moved our blog to our own website rather than on medium (we may still post there from time to time). We have a shiny new logo, with our apps and integrations we needed something that could work and be recognised as a standalone icon and thus commissioned a new brand.

We're still cranking away at plenty of other features and look forward to sharing much more with you towards the end of May :)

Thanks again,

Team payhere

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