Are traditional websites dead?

Case Study

“Check out our website for more info! :)”


Today, we know everything about a company from a glance of their Instagram.

So, it begs the question: Is there a need for traditional commerce websites?


It really comes down to purpose.

If we look at the initial purpose of commerce websites, they acted as the entire sales funnel of a company. They would have multiple tabs consisting of copious amounts of information about their products and the company values.

So, what’s changed? And, what does that funnel look like now?

As I hinted to earlier, In a short glance of a business’ Instagram page, you know exactly what their company sells, their ethos, and if their values align with yours.

I’m sure you know the feeling of instantly falling in love with a brand, following them, becoming part of their community, and soaking up every last bit of content they pour out.

Eventually, you become so well connected with that company, that in fact, they could place any new product in front of you, and you will more than likely purchase, and so will the majority of their engaged followers.

So, what do they need to convert those sales??

You guessed it… a website!

But maybe not a website as we’ve always known.

Instead, they need a conversion point. A one-page website, where the loyal community members can go to pay and get out.

You mean a storefront?

That is exactly what Payhere has done, with their storefront feature.

It is a one-page payment website, which enables anyone who sells a service, to operate their business on a global scale, and take recurring or one-off payments.

One link on all of your social media platforms:

A one-page payment platform, for limitless growth.

So, what's stopping you? Sign up today and create your one-page payment website!

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