Back to school chaos

How to

Well, it’s now August.

As a child, that always meant one thing: Shops putting out their ‘Back to school’ campaign.


August really is the Sunday of summer. A full month of that Sunday night feeling.

However, this year ‘back to school’ will prove 100x more difficult than any other year. This isn’t just falling back into another academic year.

Instead, schools are trying their best to:

  • adhere to all of the government guidelines surrounding COVID19 (who knows what they’ll actually be in September)
  • Create a multitude of timetables which vary depending on how guidelines could change
  • Get hundreds of kids into a new routine with new teachers
  • And also… teach?

This list of potential hiccups is endless. A logistical nightmare.

In addition to the above list, one thing many schools are now scrambling to do is integrate an expensive, complicated payment system to enable cashless payments for things like school fees, school dinners and other day to day expenses.

That’s where Payhere can save the day.

Payhere is a company from Ballymena, Northern Ireland, which is helping organisations all over the world take payments online.

Now, Payhere are offering schools in Northern Ireland an exclusive personalised experience to help get set up in time for the new academic year. They will be offering a school visit or video call to get your school set up. This means teachers can spend more class time on the things that matter- teaching.

How can schools use it?

Payhere’s Storefront feature allows a school to have a one-page payment website for everything, which can be integrated into emails, website or even into social media profiles.

Here’s an interactive demo to show what this might look like for a school:

If you know a school that would benifit from this offer, please direct them our way. Or, if you're someone in a school a that would like to hear more, feel free email and we would love to arrange a call to chat about how we can help you.

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