Converting your early adopters to paying customers

Case Study

We recently caught up Michael Blakley, Co-Founder, of London based HR Tech startup Equitas. Michael details the reasons in why he chose to use payhere and how it has helped his business. It is particularly interesting the point that is raised on converting early adopters to your first paying customers.

Can you tell us a little about your business and what it does?

Equitas is an HR tech provider that helps companies make better, less biased hiring decisions with our digital interview platform for live interviews.

What problem did you need solved?

We had several smaller clients who needed to get set up quickly and wanted an easy payment plan to start using our interview platform straight away. Clear transparent pricing plans were key to converting these trial users to paying customers.

Why did you choose payhere to solve this problem?

Payhere was super quick, intuitive and considered every angle of recurring payment plans making our lives easy. We were able to tailor plans for our smaller early adopters based on the volume of interviews they needed to complete throughout the year. Setting up quick one off pilot fees with larger clients was also a reason we went with Payhere.

What benefits have you seen by using payhere?

Without Payhere our early adopters could have potentially churned or expected ongoing free trials before setting up payment plans. Payhere is the perfect solution for converting your early adopters to your first paying customers.

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