Why we built payhere


As part of running our software development agency we often advise clients to use off-the-shelf software when they can. This means their budget can be spent on truly delivering value to their business. It sometimes means we talk ourselves out of money but mostly means that we get to work on more interesting applications to integrate a bunch of services together and run at the heart of our client’s businesses.

Payments platforms are one of those things you don’t build yourself (unless you are two young ambitious Irish brothers, who founded Stripe), but while exploring existing solutions we have found many of them lacking.

If you wish to take payments online with minimal costs you will likely consider one of the following options.

Stripe, Braintree, PayPal etc

These platforms are fantastic for developers like ourselves but they don’t provide enough out of the box without building your own experiences around them. Therefore they end up expensive as you need to hire developers to integrate them with your existing website.

Gumroad, Podia etc

Gumroad is a beautiful platform, but it imposes its own brand and it can be difficult to make it feel like a part of your business. These platforms can also be quite costly as your sales grow.

Memberful, Restrict Content Pro etc

These require you to be using WordPress and to get the most out of them you will need a developer, they are a little easier to setup than Stripe or Braintree but they also lack some flexibility for their ease of use.

Introducing PayHere

Unhappy with what’s out there, we built PayHere, a payments platform to simplify one-off and recurring billing, its goal is to look minimal and allow you to add your logo and colours making it look and feel like your own custom checkout, providing your customers with an awesome experience at competitive rates for your business.

If you want to see what customers see here’s an example payment form.

We provide you with all of the standard tools you need to take online payments:

  • Easily create one-off products and recurring subscriptions
  • Track your payments and subscription lifecycles
  • Issue part/full refunds
  • User-friendly payment forms and receipt emails
  • Customers can update their payment methods and manage their own subscriptions
  • Embeddable payment forms for your own website
  • Integrate with other platforms with webhooks

There are many more features and if we don’t have a feature you need we’ll most likely build it for you as others will likely find it useful too.

Customer success

For PayHere to grow we need our customers to be successful and we will do everything we can to help them get there. While we are in early stage we will help you integrate PayHere into your website or app and get you started.

If you are selling products or memberships online and have any questions or doubts please reach out and have a chat with us.

If you are sold already you can signup and get started for free.

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