How payhere helped Prospect Labs automate their billing

Case Study

This week we are chatting with Prospect Labs founder and CEO Patrick Collins. Just a few simple questions around why he picked payhere and how it helps his business.

Can you tell us a little about your business and what it does?

Prospect Labs is a growth hacking agency for startups and SMB’s. We help businesses to generate leads and implement new sales strategies to build consistent sales growth.

What problem did you need to solve?

I wanted to make the focus on delivering work, not chasing invoices. We needed an automated payment system that was not admin heavy to set up.

Why did you choose payhere to solve this problem?

I always look for great customer service whenever I choose software. The service has been world-class, and they have always clearly explained how to use the platform or directly fixed things for me. On top of that, the user interface is very simple to use for me as a user and for my clients to complete their payment details.

What benefits have you seen by using payhere?

Quicker payments, less awkward conversations about chasing payments and the ability to take on new clients knowing I will get paid on time.

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